Taming the App Monster!

‍The boom of SaaS apps that benefit small businesses with tight budgets is impressive. The increase in the number of SaaS apps used by companies is about 30% per year! The average small business uses more than 100 apps per year. 

‍These SaaS apps enable small businesses to perform a variety of complex tasks with small budgets, or even no budgets. Some of these tasks include building websites, tracking accounting, performing collections, making graphics, managing inventory, and sales, etc, dropshipping, building legal contracts, etc. It is a fabulous time to be a small business owner in terms of access to technological resources.

‍However, this comes at a significant cost – as a small business owner, you must learn to tame the app monster! 100+ SaaS apps are no joke. There are multiple problems that arise from this:

All of these issues get even more complicated when you consider that your business needs to consider more than just how many SaaS apps it has, but how many users accounts it has for all of these SaaS apps. 

We have solved one major problem caused by the app monster! How can your business tap into the wealth of data created by your business’s extensive app usage to actually improve your business? 

Think about it

‍Your data is constantly updating itself, and at any given moment, paints a picture of the health of your business. If you could just crunch that data in real-time, and understand it, imagine how much more profitable and efficient your decision-making would be?

‍CreditPush allows you to connect 150+ SaaS apps to your own business health solutions, which analyzes the combined data in real time and helps you improve your business’s finances and operations. You get access to a variety of tools – to improve your business credit score, understand your business cash flow, value your business, and get actionable insights. All are based on your business data – so all tools are highly tailored to your business’s needs at this very point in time.

‍Part of managing a modern business is learning how to manage all of the emerging app technologies that you have access to, in order to maximize value and ultimately, maximize your business profitability. We work hard every day to make it possible to harness all of your business’s app data to powerfully increase your business’s financial success.