Credit Monitoring Services for Businesses

Being the responsible business owner that you are, you have already checked your business credit report and business credit score. If you have not, check out these tips on getting started for free. However, you should really be checking your credit on a continual basis. 

There are a number of issues that you will want to monitor your credit for:

  • Make sure that any changes to your business credit report are accurate.

Inaccuracies can negatively impact your business credit score, so it is critical to clear them up. Credit bureaus have processes in place for you to report these inaccuracies and have them changed.

  • Understand any changes to your business credit report and how they could affect your business.

It’s better to know what issues you have before you need to share your business credit report with a potential supplier or lender.

  • Identify any issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Have you missed a payment or two? Maybe seeing it damage your business credit score will be the kick in the pants you needed to finally sign up for automatic payments. Now is always the right time to make positive changes to improve your business credit.

  • Know who is inquiring about your business.

Potential partners? Suppliers? Your competition? 

  • Prevent identity theft.

If you see payments or debts on your business credit report that you do not recognize, this is a serious problem. Another big red flag is if lenders have been making inquiries, as this indicates that someone may be trying to take out a loan in your business’s name. 

Business credit reports are live documents that are undergoing constant changes. So checking your business credit report once, or even just once a year, is not good enough. Since it is not reasonable to personally check your business credit frequently for changes, it makes a lot of sense to sign up for a business credit monitoring service.

Business credit monitoring services will alert you to changes in your business credit report and may suggest actions for you to take. This way, you can be aware of any issues in real time. Most credit bureaus offer some sort of credit monitoring service.

Most credit monitoring services have a cost associated with them. Not CreditPush.

CreditPush monitors your credit and alerts you to any issues that you should be aware of. You also get tips on how to improve your business credit score. You even have the opportunity to share data from your banking and business apps, which will be reported to credit bureaus (with your consent, of course), which could improve your business credit score. Sharing your data through CreditPush never lowers your business credit score.